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We know that car classifieds is a really tense business. We also understand that different auto classifieds have different needs: to increase the value for their clients or to upsell them more effectively.

We feel the need to spread and ensure easy access to carVertical products for as many people as possible. Our belief is that the fastest way to do so is giving correct tools, which will help to localize and spread access, to others.

Even if you are part of seasoned auto classifieds business, car history reports business is quite difficult to establish by yourself.

We are offering a possibility to implement carVertical.reports into your auto classifieds business and start expanding the value of your product and generating bigger revenue.


API – integrate more success in your business

In the fierce competition of car classifieds, big and medium size companies are always in a great need to expand their data sources. Such companies as insurance, leasing or claim handling services buy plenty of database services every day to make their job easier.

Logic is simple for the large businesses: the more data sources acquired, the lower financing costs at the end of the year.

carVertical.API is a product for the big fish. We provide our partners with an API to get a really easy access to car’s history report and value calculation services. An API can be easily integrated into yours in-house systems and supported all the time from our side.


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