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  • Check if this vehicle has been registered in the databases of stolen cars.
  • Read as much as possible about car’s spotted activity and previous prices.
  • Find out this car’s authentic odometer readings at different times.
  • View the photo gallery of the vehicle at different periods of exploitation.
  • Get an in-depth summary of any accidents or damages made to this car.
  • Analyze and scrutinize vehicle’s maintenance log and upcoming service with its price.
  • Learn about manufacturing faults or manufacturer recalls of this vehicle.
  • Figure out where exactly the VIN of a particular model should be located.

How to Perform Car History Check?

Follow four simple steps

  1. Enter VIN number

    Find car’s VIN in technical passport or on car’s body. Provide it to us and fall in love with our approach to customer service.

  2. Embrace our magic

    We are constantly adding new data sources, verifying and processing the information to provide you with the most trustful in-depth car history data.

  3. Get data and more

    Get the most detailed possible information about the vehicle you check and more services on top.

What Makes carVertical Report So Special?

carVertical is driven by the idea of data decentralization and giving the power to consumers. Our goal is to enable every car buyer around the globe to get authentic and non-faked information about the specific vehicle and to help consumers in the maintenance of their vehicles.

carVertical gathers as much information as possible about car’s history from different sources, including national and private registries, various databases and even OBD devices.

We process and verify all the data, blockchain confirms its reliability. This means that car’s “biography” cannot be changed, faked or manipulated.

carVertical consumers should be 100% sure about the car’s condition, both when buying and when enjoying it.


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