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Avoid costly problems by checking a vehicle's history. Enter a VIN to get a detailed report instantly.

  • Mileage rollbacks
  • Damages
  • Recorded images
  • Safety recalls
  • Ownership changes
  • Theft records

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Always check a vehicle before buying it

carVertical has access to one of the largest database networks for vehicle records. Whether you're buying a vehicle locally or overseas – we can help you avoid a bad deal.

Avoid costly scams

Mileage rollbacks, road accidents, and other hidden details may cost thousands in vehicle repairs. Avoid bad quality used cars, motorcycles, and other vehicle deals by checking their history using our reports.

Avoid costly scams

Verify a vehicle's safety

Ensure the safety of you and your family by knowing the actual facts about a vehicle's past. Concealed car accidents, inflated airbags, and suspension problems can cause life-threatening consequences.

Verify a vehicle's safety

Gain a bargaining chip

Detailed knowledge of a vehicle's history can unmask facts the seller is hiding. Gain some leverage in negotiations – learn what the seller doesn't know or won't tell you!

Gain a bargaining chip

Where can I find the VIN?

  • On the dashboard, under the windshield

  • On the driver's side door frame

  • On the engine, under the the hood

  • On the vehicle registration documents

  • Ask the seller

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Buying a used car or motorcycle? Enter its VIN to get a detailed history report.

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What we check for when preparing a report

carVertical has access to one of the largest database networks for vehicle records. Whether you're buying a vehicle locally or overseas – we can help you avoid a bad deal.


No one wants to buy a vehicle with hidden damages. This may result in overpaying for the vehicle and the repair costs in the future.

Mileage rollbacks

Mileage fraud is more common than you think. You're not only overpaying for the vehicle but also might end up with a hefty bill.

Recorded images

Knowing how the vehicle looked in the past is very important for understanding its history and learning about damaged or weak spots.

Safety recalls

Not everyone is a car guru. Having a list of common drawbacks helps you make a better buying decision.

Ownership changes

Knowing how many owners a vehicle has had helps you understand whether it was sold frequently. This may indicate serious issues.

Theft records

We check millions of records from international and local law enforcement to make sure a vehicle wasn't stolen in any country.

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