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  • Mileage rollbacks

  • Damages

  • Recorded images

  • Safety recalls

  • Ownership changes

  • Theft records


Estimated repair costs


Choose wisely

Make sure your new car is a trusty companion

Avoid expensive mistakes

Learn the history of any car to ensure you're not buying a money sink.

Save precious time

Test drives take hours, so filter out the noise before you go.

Negotiate a better deal

Once you've found your next car, we'll have the facts to get that price down.

Avoid expensive mistakes

Learn the history of any car to ensure you're not buying a money sink.

Learn about your car and give it proper care

A well-maintained mechanical friend will always join your adventures

Learn about your car and give it proper care

A well-maintained mechanical friend will always join your adventures

Curiosity can be healthy

Aside from being interesting, a car's story may hide weak spots and safety issues you'll want to address.

Expert car care assistance

Upcoming products and maintenance guides on our blog will keep your car happy.

What we check for when preparing a report

carVertical has access to one of the largest database networks for vehicle records. It contains countless data entries from all over the world.


No one wants a car with hidden damages. This may result in overpaying or road-safety issues.

Mileage rollbacks

Mileage fraud is more common than you think. You're not only overpaying for the car but also might end up with a hefty repair bill.

Recorded images

Knowing how the car looked in the past is very important for understanding its history and learning about damaged or weak spots.

Safety recalls

Manufacturers typically issue safety recalls to fix harmful defects. Make sure your car doesn't have any before taking it on the road.

Ownership changes

Knowing how many owners a car has had helps you understand whether it was sold frequently. This may indicate serious issues.

Theft records

We check millions of records from international and local law enforcement to make sure a car wasn't stolen in any country.

Car history report

Avoid costly problems by checking a car's history. Just enter the VIN and get a full report.

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Time to sell? We've got your back

Don't undervalue your car—get the right deal

Give the full story

Does your car's story sound too good? Prove it with a carVertical report.

Transparency builds trust

Used car buyers have good reasons to be suspicious – hard facts can put them at ease.

Mileage: 127000 km

Price: $22,500

Full disclosure for quick sales

Even if your car has a difficult past, you'll sell it faster with a history check.

Gain a bargaining chip

A clean bill of health can help you justify a higher asking price.

Leading the way in how we use automotive data

We're constantly innovating, building tools, and introducing features to bring the world of vehicle data to your doorstep.

Cutting-edge car history report

With every car history check, we gather and process information from 900+ global data sources—a complicated procedure for a simple and intuitive report.

Data-driven research

Processing so much data gives carVertical an exceptional capability to research automotive market trends. Sharing this information is essential to our mission of transparency.

The report isn't everything

We want to show the world that automotive data is about much more than vehicle history—something we aim to demonstrate in the future!

Even more value for your automotive business

Vehicle dealerships, classifieds websites, insurance companies, and others will love our features

Easier to understand for you and your customers

Our car history report has a more intuitive layout and useful advice.

More data – more profit

We keep expanding our pool of data sources - each new source means more potential to save money for our users.

Developing our B2B offerings

carVertical is committed to building on success in the B2B market by continuing to improve our business offerings.

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Try carVertical. Checking that VIN before you buy a car is an absolute must.

Avoid any nasty surprises by using carVertical’s complete vehicle check.

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