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NMVTIS Vehicle History

An NMVTIS Vehicle History Report is intended to provide data on state of title, odometer reading, brand, total loss and salvage history



Based on archive searches, this vehicle was spotted in the following photos. Pay close attention to possible body damage, as well as colour and exterior elements. Compare it to what you see now.


Spotted Activity

Wonder what countries this vehicle has been registered or serviced in? Check our radar. Compare it with what the trader says.

Stolen Vehicle Check

We checked the vehicle in numerous types of stolen cars. We came up with the table below.


Be aware of your future spending for the maintenance of this vehicle. Negotiate the price of the car, if the upcoming service costs a fortune. Compare servicing timetable to the actual records in the service book.


The list below represents the equipment options that were installed in the factory. Go ahead and check if anything is missing.


Be aware of the optimal price for such vehicle. Evaluate its liquidity, i.e. the level of demand for it.

VIN Location

It’s important to double-check that all VIN numbers on the vehicle match. Usually the manufacturer places the VIN in 1-3 locations.

Pay Attention To

Almost every model has its own specific cons. Be aware if this is the case with the vehicle of your interest.