Why carVertical is better than the competition

With more vehicle history services entering the market each year, carVertical presents a solution that will work for most. Whether you’re buying a car, selling one, or running an automotive business, our service is for you.

A VIN is all you need

Many history checks will ask you for vehicle registration details, license plate numbers, and other information to get you started.

Meanwhile, all you’ll need on carVertical is a VIN, which is often available in online vehicle ads. Even if you can’t find it, sellers are far more likely to give it to you than they would be offering sensitive, personally identifiable information.

The VIN is the only fool-proof identification tool – it stays the same from the moment the car exits the manufacturing plant. This allows us to learn about vehicles regardless of where they’ve been in the past.


Estimated repair costs


Cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles supported

The VIN identifies almost any vehicle type on the road – cars, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, RVs, and others. You can technically use this code to get a history check for any of these vehicle types, but many VIN lookup services focus heavily on cars, leaving worse (or no) reports to owners of other vehicle types.

We offer detailed history checks for all clients – and we’re improving our service for bikers, and other users all the time!

Leading the way in how we use automotive data

We're constantly innovating, building tools, and introducing features to bring the world of vehicle data to your doorstep.

Built for nerds and casual users alike

Car history checks are a relatively new thing, and they can seem a bit “techy” for the average user. This shouldn’t be the case!

Pay how you like

carVertical offers various payment options. Aside from credit cards (including AMX and Discover!), you can pay via PayPal or even crypto.

Best vehicle history partner for businesses

Our services focus on businesses just as much as they do on individual clients.

Car history report

Avoid costly problems by checking a car's history. Just enter the VIN and get a full report.

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