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Founded in 1916, BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) started its life as an aircraft engine manufacturer. Just over a decade later, they began producing sports and luxury cars, for which this manufacturer is known today. 

The current BMW lineup is rich with executive sedans, sporty coupes, and SUVs – for many years, most BMW models have been known as the ultimate driving machines. Today the BMW Group owns BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad brands, holding the position of world’s leading manufacturer of premium cars and motorcycles.

What is a BMW VIN?

The BMW VIN is a unique 17-character code given to each BMW vehicle in the world. This combination of letters and numbers is an important source of information on any bimmer. 

VIN data is especially useful when buying a used car or finding the right part for your vehicle. Just enter your BMW VIN into our Decoder, and you’ll learn everything about any car or motorcycle – specs, accident history, maintenance records, and more.

What does a BMW VIN contain?

Each BMW VIN consists of three parts: 1-3 digits are the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI), 4-9 digits are the Vehicle Description Section (VDS), and 10-17 digits are the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS). Together, they will tell you:

  1. Your vehicle’s origin country, manufacturer, and type
  2. Specifications: body, transmission, engine type, etc.
  3. Manufacturing plant

Aside from information encoded within your BMW VIN, you can also find information associated with this singular code. This includes police, insurance, and manufacturer information.

Where to find the BMW VIN?

You can find your BMW VIN on your car and related documents. Here’s the easiest way to locate it:

  1. Step outside the vehicle and walk to the driver’s side
  2. Look for a metal plate on the dashboard behind the windshield
  3. The BMW VIN looks something like WBADE6321WB9921194

If not there, you’ll find it on the driver’s door frame – look where your door latches to the body of your car. Finally, the VIN is often found on your vehicle registration and insurance documents.

What BMW models work with our VIN decoder?

BMW designed many cars over the years. According to recent research, such popular BMW models as 5 Series, 7 Series, or X5 are among the most commonly clocked cars, so it’s always a good idea to check them before buying used.

However, our VIN decoder covers many more BMW cars, including 3 Series, 6 Series, a full SUV lineup, i3, i4, and more. In short, if your BMW has a vehicle identification number, you can check it in our VIN decoder.

BMW history check: what can you learn with the BMW VIN?

Your BMW VIN code lets you perform a digital history check to learn what your vehicle has been through. By entering your VIN into our BMW VIN Decoder, you will get information gathered from government agencies, such as the police, insurance agencies, and the manufacturer. You may even see photos of what the vehicle looked like in the past.

Here are some of the essential bits you can learn from a history report:

  • Has been stolen or in a serious accident – while stolen cars will get you deep into legal problems, damaged vehicles lose rigidity and may be unsafe to drive.
  • Subject to odometer fraud – cars with tampered mileage are usually overpriced. This scam is widespread among BMW vehicles.
  • Common problems and faults – each model has specific drawbacks and weak spots. Some of them may be hard or nearly impossible to fix, so make sure to check them when buying a used BMW car.
  • Has undergone essential maintenance – a used vehicle’s condition strongly depends on past maintenance. Car history reports car reveal dates and details of past maintenance works.

Every BMW model can be your perfect ultimate driving machine as long as they’re cared for. More and more used car sellers make a living by scamming innocent customers, so consider checking the vehicle’s history a habit.

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