Suzuki VIN Decoder

Use the digital Suzuki VIN Decoder for free basic motorcycle info, or generate a full motorcycle history report with mileage, damages and other recorded data.

Suzuki has enjoyed success in the production of motorcycles, automobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and outboard marine engines for more than a century.

"If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it" is a guiding principle that Suzuki Motor Corporation and its divisions uphold. Despite being not the most innovative company, Suzuki stands out in other categories like dependability and particularly effective racing programs.

What is a Suzuki VIN decoder?

For every Suzuki vehicle in the world, a VIN number serves as an identity card. This unique 17-digit code also helps used automobile or motorcycle buyers avoid fraudsters.

A vehicle identification number is a reference code to record various events and other information about a Suzuki passenger car or bike throughout its lifetime.

What does the Suzuki VIN number contain?

The letters and numbers in a Suzuki VIN are divided into the World Manufacturer Identifier, Vehicle Descriptor Section, and Vehicle Identifier Section. When you combine them, they will tell you:

  • The manufacturer’s country of origin and the type of vehicle (1-3 digits).
  • Vehicle specifications, such as engine size, engine type, and gearbox type (4 to 9 digits).
  • Model year, assembly plant, and unique serial number (10 to 17 digits).

Much of this information can be unlocked using a Suzuki VIN Decoder.

Where to find the Suzuki VIN number?

Motorcycle VIN number location

Manufacturers place the VIN number on irreplaceable parts to protect the original VIN plate.

Usually, a Suzuki VIN can be found:

  • Stamped directly on the motorcycle’s frame, near the steering head
  • On a frame rail
  • (Rarely) on the bottom of the engine

If you’re having trouble finding the VIN number, follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

What Suzuki models work with our VIN decoder?

Our Suzuki VIN Decoder can look up any Suzuki vehicle made after the current VIN standard was introduced (in the 1980s).

Although Suzuki’s lineup hasn’t changed dramatically over the last several decades, our VIN decoder supports all types of Suzuki motorbikes:

  • Sport – Hayabusa, GSX, and GSX-R;
  • Street – Katana, Boulevard, GSX-S, and SV-series;
  • Adventure – V-Storm, DR, and RMX series;
  • Scooter – Burgman, Avenis, Adress;
  • MX – RM-series.

Suzuki motorcycle history check: what can you learn with the Suzuki VIN number?

A VIN number allows you to identify a Suzuki model and learn valuable and detailed information about its history.

While our free Suzuki VIN Decoder will give you some basic information, a history report provides data stored in police, insurance, or manufacturers’ databases. A Suzuki motorcycle history report can indicate whether a vehicle:

  • Has been stolen;
  • Has been subject to odometer fraud;
  • Has been in a serious accident.

Suzuki are highly regarded worldwide for their value, quality, and dependability. However, even vehicles of this brand end up with owners that aren’t inclined to maintain them properly.

Whenever you’re looking to buy a used Suzuki motorbike use our VIN decoder (and get a history report) to avoid a bad purchase.

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