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carVertical has influencers in 25+ markets and growing. Our partners have produced more than 3,500 videos for us, helping to generate more than 2M car history reports. Info for our reports comes from more than 900 data sources, making our product the most reliable on the market.

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Influencers are a crucial part of our success – that’s why we value each and every one of you! But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what partners have to say about working with us.

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Razvan Balanescu
"Working with carVertical is effortless."
- Razvan Balanescu
Andy Popescu
"carVertical is a great service if you want to avoid getting tricked by scammer car sellers."
- Andy Popescu

Our biggest partners:

Success stories

Razvan Balanescu

Razvan Balanescu

370K subscribers

Since 2019 one of our main partners, Razvan Balanescu, has made thousands of euros by helping his audience make a buying decision in the used automotive market. With 324 000 subscribers on YouTube, 99vehicles is a strong partner making a huge impact on the market.

Andy Popescu

Andy Popescu

664K subscribers

One of our main partners Andy Popescu, made thousands by working with us and helping his audience to make a better decision before buying a car. Andy is one of the biggest automotive influencers, with more than 620 000 subscribers on YouTube.

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