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We offer significant discounts to partners who purchase reports in bulk

No contracts or obligations. Better report prices for your business. Save more than 73%.

Credits are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Detect damaged cars, mileage rollbacks, and other tricks

Avoid bad deals, evaluate & sell cars faster by knowing previous vehicle history facts. carVertical is the hack that makes your daily business operations easier and lets you see the truth about cars without a mechanic’s inspection.

Custom solution: our API lets you quickly get the most relevant information

The carVertical API allows us to provide a custom, easily integrated solution for your business. This will let you quickly get to the most relevant facts – theft, damages and rollbacks, car features, etc. Harness the full power of our automotive data without leaving your system!

Get more attention for your car ads

According to our latest research, people are 21 % more likely to click on car ads with carVertical Trust Badge, indicating that this vehicle has a history report. The watermark also makes car ads more visible among regular car listings.

Boost your brand's credibility in clients' eyes

carVertical flags, posters, and car stickers at your dealership are great ways to attract buyers' attention and gain their trust. Customers are more likely to feel confident in the trade-in process when they see that the dealership provides vehicle history reports.

Gain recognition across mass media and social media

Long-term partnerships guarantee PR article distribution about your business to local mass media channels and collaborative posts on our social media. We'll help you be seen by potential business partners and get recogniton among 230,000 of our followers.

Don’t take only our word for it

We help businesses just like yours to sell more vehicles.



Co-owner & Deputy CEO at CarTrax

With carVertical, we've reduced the risk of buying cars with hidden flaws to a minimum. Previously, some issues could only be found after a thorough inspection.
Laurynas Boguševičius

Laurynas Boguševičius

Deals on Wheels Founder

Openness and transparency are crucial when selling or buying a vehicle. carVertical is a huge help in fostering these values.
Gergo Almasi

Gergo Almasi

CEO at AGR Auto Kft

A car is an expensive purchase, and customers want to know everything about it before making a decision. The vehicle’s history check is a bonus that we offer to clients.

Trusted worldwide

We operate in 28 markets worldwide with over 2000 happy business partners and continue to expand with new members constantly joining our team.

Meet our team of experts in B2B

We’re a dedicated team of thinkers and doers. Our specialists are ready to assist you in making the right business decisions and optimizing your daily processes. Let’s connect and drive transparency together!

  • Vytautas Nemura

    Vytautas Nemura

    Head of B2B Partnerships

  • Karolina Žilinskė

    Karolina Žilinskė

    Sales representative France

  • Robertas Boravskis

    Robertas Boravskis

    Marketing lead

  • Laura Kazakaitė

    Laura Kazakaitė

    Sales representative Italy

  • Daniel Artisiuk

    Daniel Artisiuk

    Sales representative Poland

  • Jaunius Kadunas

    Jaunius Kadunas

    Sales development representative

  • Ieva Mejerytė

    Ieva Mejerytė

    B2B Communications Manager

  • Kotryna Mažeikytė

    Kotryna Mažeikytė

    Sales representative France

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