RV VIN lookup: how to check your vehicle’s history

Karolis Bareckas

Karolis Bareckas

Owning an RV changes the way you travel. It gives you freedom and the joy of exploring the world. Since the launch of the first automobiles, engineers started to develop motorhomes that soon became popular in the market. With more than 100 years of history, today, RVs have everything you need: from spacious kitchens to solar-powered gadgets.

Most people use their RV no more than 3-4 weeks a year. Buying a new one is a large investment, therefore, many drivers choose a second-hand vehicle to save some money.

carVertical VIN lookup allows you to check the history of any RV, learn a lot of valuable information, and decide if a vehicle is worth the bargain. You need to enter an RV’s VIN number on the carVertical platform to see past damages, mileage rollbacks, registration changes, technical specifications, photos, and more.

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Where can I find an RV VIN?

Manufacturers put the VIN on irreplaceable parts of a vehicle, so it can't be removed or damaged. Here are common places where you can expect finding a VIN on your trailer or camper:

  • On the tongue
  • Near the axles
  • Inside of the doorframe
  • Inside the closet
  • Under the propane tanks
  • Under the front or rear end of the trailer
  • On the entry screen door
  • Under the sink
  • In an outside storage compartment
  • Inside a wheel well

An RV VIN number can also be found in a vehicle’s registration documents or insurance. Make sure that the number on an RV matches the one in the papers. Wrongdoers often forge the VIN so the new owner can't learn about its history.

How to find the VIN number on a vintage travel trailer?

Until 1981, there was no internationally recognized VIN standard, therefore, different manufacturers used different formats. While you can easily decipher the contemporary VIN number of any vehicle, it may be a tricky task with a vintage travel trailer.

Many trailers manufactured before 1981 may not have a VIN stamped. However, make sure to check these places:

  • On the trailer’s tongue
  • On the frame rail close to the hitch
  • On the metal parts of the frame

RV VIN lookup: how does it work?

VIN stands for "vehicle identification number," which is a unique sequence of letters and numbers assigned to your RV by its manufacturer. This number doesn’t change throughout a vehicle’s lifetime and helps to identify it even after many years.

To reveal your RV’s history, you need to enter its VIN into carVertical’s VIN decoder. It will verify that a VIN is correct and show you basic information, such as make and the country of manufacturing.

If a VIN is legitimate, you can get a full history report and learn a lot about an RV's past.

Why should you look up an RV VIN?

An RV VIN will tell you everything you need to know about a vehicle before making a purchase decision.

A technical inspection can only reveal mechanical flaws and evaluate a vehicle's condition. However, it can't always reveal past damages, theft records, or mileage rollbacks. If you're planning to buy a low-priced used vehicle, you need to be extra careful.

carVertical sample history report
Sample of vehicle history report

carVertical’s VIN report includes:

  • Damage history
  • Theft records
  • Mileage rollbacks
  • Photos
  • Registration changes
  • Technical specifications and equipment
  • Recall information
  • Common problems of a specific model
Example of vehicle rollback in history report
Example of rollback

You can check your car's history on your phone, laptop, or tablet and even download a report as a PDF file.

You can also check a sample report to see how such reports look like.

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