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Founded in 1900, the Dodge Brothers Company started as a parts supplier to major US carmakers. After only a few years in business, it began investing in car production and became very profitable. After the Dodge brothers’ deaths, their relatives accepted an offer from the Chrysler Corporation and handed over control of Dodge in 1928.

Dodge has long been known as a dynamic, sporty, and fast car manufacturer. Just take a look at the Dodge vehicle lineup: the Dodge Viper, Dodge Challenger, or Dodge Coronet. These are well-known high-performance vehicles that are loved across the world.

Today, Dodge is a member of the Stellantis Group (PSA and Fiat Chrysler Group joint venture), and still produces ferocious cars with massive displacement V8 engines. Although this is not typical in the car industry, the business model has paid off handsomely. Currently, Dodge is the only large old-fashioned car manufacturer that has managed to grow its market share in the age of electric vehicles. 

If you’re interested in a used Dodge vehicle, try our Dodge VIN decoder to avoid possible scams.

What is a Dodge VIN number?

The Dodge VIN number is a unique code that identifies every new or used vehicle. In that way, it’s similar to a personal identity card. The VIN number, issued while the vehicle is still on the assembly line and stamped into the body, is linked to the vehicle until the end of its life.

Plenty of Dodge cars have hidden flaws on the used car market – this is why the Dodge VIN is particularly useful. Various institutions use this code to log information about any Dodge vehicle. This includes mileage records, previous damage records, and much more.

As such, the Dodge VIN number can give car buyers a better chance of finding a well-maintained car. 

What does a Dodge VIN number contain?

Each vehicle’s body number consists of 17 alphanumeric characters. The Dodge VIN number contains a wealth of information, and its structure has remained unchanged since the 1980s.

  • Characters 1 to 3: World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)

The first three characters of a Vehicle Identification Number (the world manufacturer identification code) identify the manufacturer of a motor vehicle.

The first digit in the VIN number indicates where the vehicle was manufactured. For example, cars made in the USA start with the numbers 1, 4 or 5.

The second and third digits indicate the vehicle brand and, sometimes, the body type.

  • Characters from 4 to 9: Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)

This part of the VIN number describes the vehicle attributes: the type of car, platform, transmission, and engine specifications if there is more than one choice. 

  • 10 to 17 characters: Vehicle Identification Section (VIS)

In the US, the VIN’s tenth digit indicates the model’s year of manufacture. The 11th character indicates the factory where the vehicle was assembled.

The last 6 digits of a Dodge VIN code are a serial code that uniquely identifies otherwise identical vehicles.

Where to find the Dodge VIN number?

Dodge VIN number location on a car

You can quickly find the Dodge VIN by reviewing the car’s documentation – registration papers, technical passport, or the insurance policy. If you want to double-check the information in the documents, look for the body number in the following locations:

  • In front of the engine block. This should be obvious if you open the hood and look at the front of the engine.
  • Driver’s side of the dashboard – look behind the windshield from outside
  • Wheel well in the back. Look directly above the tire.
  • The inside of the driver’s side door frame. Open the door and look around it (where the side-view mirror would be if the door was closed).
  • The driver’s side doorpost. Open the door and look near the latching point, not far from the seatbelt return.
  • Below the spare tire.

If you still can’t find your VIN, consult your owner’s manual. While the VIN is unlikely to be recorded in the manual, it will undoubtedly point you in the right direction.

What Dodge models work with our VIN decoder?

Dodge car buyers can be confident that our online free Dodge VIN decoder will decode the body number of every Dodge model built since the ’80s.

The Dodge VIN Decoder effortlessly deciphers the vehicle identification number of different Dodge cars. It will easily handle Dodge Charger, Durango, Challenger, Caravan, Stratus, Neon, Avenger, Caliber, Journey, Nitro, Dart, and other models.

Dodge History Check: what can you learn with the Dodge VIN number?

While the free Dodge VIN Decoder will offer basic information about the vehicle, our Dodge History Check can tell you a lot more. For example, your VIN lookup report may include the following data:

  • The actual mileage of the car
  • Whether or not the vehicle was stolen
  • How many owners has the car in question had?
  • Was the car owned by a taxi company or a car rental service?
  • Damages

Whether you’re buying used Dodge full size passenger cars or something more sporty, first determine the vehicle’s body number, enter it into the Dodge VIN decoder tool and examine the information displayed on your screen.

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