Our goal is to protect used cars buyers from fraud

Bringing transparency to the global used vehicles market by providing up-to-date information to used cars buyers



In 2019, carVertical launched the first global car history register. During this period, we have managed to establish a presence in more than 25 markets and we continue to expand, raising the level of transparency in the global used car market.

Established markets

  • countries.uscountries.us
  • European UnionEuropean Union
  • countries.gbcountries.gb
  • countries.ltcountries.lt
  • countries.eecountries.ee
  • countries.lvcountries.lv
  • countries.plcountries.pl
  • countries.rocountries.ro
  • countries.hucountries.hu
  • countries.frcountries.fr
  • countries.uacountries.ua
  • countries.secountries.se

Upcoming markets

  • countries.aucountries.au
  • countries.zacountries.za

Our car history reports are based on data from 900+ international databases belonging to national car registries, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, official garages and various other institutions. Once we've gathered all the relevant information about your car, we organise it and present it in an easy-to-understand format. These reports are the best way to avoid stolen vehicles, vehicles that have been involved in accidents or vehicles with false mileage.

Mileage rollback
Tesla Model X

Working with a huge amount of auto data has taught us a lot about used cars and best practices when buying them. One of carVertical's main goals is to share this knowledge and empower car buyers not only with history reports but also with our expert research. Their insights have already been used by publications such as Top Gear, Auto Bild and other auto market leaders.


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