1. A large database of damaged vehicles

We maintain records on over 50 million vehicles reported to be damaged in different European countries and North America. We update our information constantly so that we can provide reports containing the latest and most relevant data on traffic accidents, vandalism cases, or damage due to natural disasters.

2. A “one-stop shop” report

The majority of used cars are brought from a foreign country or a different continent and it is difficult to track the twists and turns in their history. We will help you save a lot of time and money by providing all available data in a single comprehensive report.

3. Obtaining data directly from vehicles

We are the world’s first provider of vehicle history reports receiving some of the data from vehicles in real time. Information obtained using this method does not become obsolete as may be the case with various databases and thus it is more up-to-date and difficult to fake. Innovations drive transparency!

4. Easy-to-understand information

Our reports do not contain glossaries as the information is presented in a clear and understandable manner to make it easy to understand for people who are not interested in cars. Where possible, we employed graphical solutions to give you an instant picture of the vehicle’s condition.