Meet the new carVertical: check out our renewed report and style

Tadas Švenčionis

Tadas Švenčionis

Since the start of carVertical, we've been working towards a friendlier used vehicle market for everyone. Now we're taking a big step forward to make sure the benefits of automotive data reach even more people.

Presenting our bold and bright new look, a number of exciting product updates, and a vision for the future. We spent most of last year learning about our users and converting those insights into a rebrand campaign that launches on May 17.

Here's what we have in store:

  • New logo. Brighter colors.
  • Fun characters – our duo of helpers, eager to assist with any car troubles.
  • Completely renewed vehicle history report.
  • iOS and Android app, redesigned from the ground up.
  • More expert-driven content to help you choose, care for, and sell vehicles.

Let's take a closer look at the changes.

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Bright & Bold – check out our new logo, color scheme, and more

We like our old look and don't want to completely change who we are, but meeting new people means switching up. The goal of this visual upgrade is to present a friendlier side of carVertical without losing our bright and bold character.

The new design begins with our logo. We wanted it to still be recognizable, but more modern. To achieve this, we've given the "V" some style, and we've only left one color – a deeper, brighter shade of blue instead of the milder blue and yellow.


This brighter blue becomes the primary color in our new color scheme, joining a more vibrant yellow, and a number of other vivid colors to cheer up our users.


Finally, there's the most exciting element of our new look: a dynamic duo of helpers we call Vertical & Vertical. They live inside the letter "V" of our logo, jumping out to assist users with various tasks. From now on, you'll see them in our images, videos, and other visual materials.


The changes in appearance also make their way into our exciting product upgrades, most importantly:

We have a new vehicle history report – now easier to understand than ever!

Much more than just a visual update, our new vehicle history report was developed from the ground up. Don't worry – all the information you're used to seeing in a carVertical report is still there, but presented in a new and improved way.

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Here's what's new:

  • Structure and layout. The information is much more organized, so you can find it and understand it more easily.
  • Tips and warnings. To make the report more useful for regular users with little knowledge about vehicles, we're now providing tips and warnings. This will help explain why certain information matters and how it should be interpreted.
  • Deeper explanations. Our reports can be rich in information, but some of their content may require advanced knowledge to understand. In addition to tips that help simplify the information, we also wanted to provide deeper explanations for those who want a more comprehensive look.
  • New visuals. The goal was to present the information in a more intuitive way. As a result, the report has more informative graphics, and has become more visual overall.

The information itself on the report is the same as it was in the previous version. However, part of the thought process when developing the new report was to prepare the groundwork for new types of information and new features coming in the future.

We have a new app, too!


Our new report also makes an appearance on the new carVertical app for Android and iOS. We’ve completely rebuilt it from the ground up, so you can get a sense of the new carVertical on your handheld device.

Rich content to help vehicle owners

Source: carVertical

We've recently launched our new blog, which will soon have content covering the full automotive journey from buying to owning and maintaining, to selling your vehicle.

carVertical wants to be your gearhead friend, guiding you through every step of vehicle ownership. Our new and improved guides will cover a wide range of topics and include helpful visuals to make things simpler. This includes both static infographics and video content.

Covering the full automotive journey

Source: carVertical

One of our main goals is to help car buyers, owners, and sellers through the entire automotive journey. Building a better used vehicle market isn't just about buying the right car – it's also about taking care of your vehicle to make sure its next owner is happy. Finally, it's also about providing the full story as a seller.

Our vehicle history report is used by vehicle buyers and sellers across the world, but we want to take it a step further and include current owners in the equation. After all, knowing a vehicle's history can help you ensure it's properly fixed and safe to drive. Curiosity can be very healthy!

Additionally, we want to provide you with guides to help maintain your vehicle – sure, some tasks will require the assistance of professional mechanics, but a few tips and tricks can go a long way towards vehicle health.

Why we're doing it

In 2022, we ran a large-scale survey of our customers’ needs and motivations. We asked why people use vehicle history reports, what they like about our service, how they see the used vehicle market in their country, and how they buy second-hand cars.

In addition to offering insights on user differences across countries, the results also implied that vehicle history reports are still seen as a service for gearheads and other power-users. While we love our gearhead community, carVertical's mission is to make the used vehicle market safe and appealing for regular drivers that may not be interested in technical aspects of cars.

We want to emphasize the fact that checking a vehicle's history is important not only for those looking to buy a vehicle. It can also be useful for owners trying to keep their vehicles in shape, as well as sellers.

What's next?

Our team is constantly innovating, building tools, and introducing features to bring the world of vehicle data to your doorstep. With every vehicle history check, we gather and process information from 900+ global data sources.

Yet there's a lot more automotive data can do to make the used vehicle market safer and more efficient. carVertical has exciting announcements in the works, which will lead the way in using data to make car ownership more convenient, raise the transparency in used vehicle market, and more.

A used vehicle's story neither begins, nor ends with us. Let's make sure it's worth hearing and passing on!

Tadas Švenčionis

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Tadas Švenčionis

Tadas is the Editor in Chief of the carVertical Blog. A fan of all things automotive and tech, he makes a point of making complex topics simple and engaging – after all, what good is a story no one understands? Tadas spends his free days reading, gaming, and bringing music no one’s asked for to Vilnius, Lithuania.