What’s new: carVertical report features and improvements in 2024

Simonas Žižiūnas

Simonas Žižiūnas

The first half of 2024 has been fruitful for carVertical both as a company and as a product. We’ve made lots of exciting updates to our vehicle history report, making it even more informative and easier to understand.

Here are the 4 big news / improvements:

  • Title check. For those buying cars in / from the USA: quickly check Certificate of Title information, especially car title brands.
  • Natural disasters. Find out if the car could have been in the area of a natural disaster – avoid water damage and more.
  • Safety. View the vehicle’s safety rating (NHTSA, EuroCAP, or ANCAP) and recorded safety recalls.
  • AI damage detection. Our AI tool can now analyze photos to detect damages (even if there’s no damage record).

These latest upgrades will help our users learn more about the vehicles they’re interested in – particularly when it comes to making smarter purchasing decisions.

And there’s more to come! So let’s take a closer look at what’s new and what’s in the pipeline for later this year.

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Title check feature: Avoid bad deals when importing cars from the US

carVertical title check report
Source: carVertical

Buying a used car from the United States will now be easier with the new Title Check feature. Knowing whether a car has a clean or a branded title (e.g. “salvage,” rebuilt,” or “junk”) can help you skip the awful cars or negotiate the price.

If the car has a branded title, you’ll see what brand it has (and since when) in the Title Check section of the report.

Natural Disasters feature: Avoid hidden damages

The new Natural Disasters section in the carVertical report will tell you if the vehicle’s location was recorded in an area hit by a natural disaster, such as a flood, volcanic eruption, or tropical cyclone, around the time it occurred.

If this data is available, a vehicle history report will include a map of the affected area and more details, such as the type of disaster, when and where it happened, and its severity.

carvertical natural disaster feature flood

Since natural disasters can damage the vehicle’s internal components and the damage may not appear instantly, it’s crucial to be aware of such events and inspect the car properly.

Quickly check the vehicle safety information

From now on, you can quickly learn about specific vehicles’ safety ratings and recalls from the report’s Safety section.

The overall car safety score provided by the responsible organization in your region (NHTSA, Euro NCAP, or ANCAP) will appear in the form of stars, ranging from 1 to 5 (NHTSA) or 0 to 5 (Euro NCAP/ANCAP).

Besides the star rating, you will also see the official explanation of the score and crash-testing results for specific areas.

carVertical safety ratings report
Source: carVertical

*Note that safety scores may not be available for all models since car assessment programs usually cover more common vehicles.

In case of any safety recalls, you will see whether it’s Active, Solved, or Unknown. Other important information in the report can include the date the recall was announced, its number, description, risk, and similar.

car recall report
Source: carVertical

This particular warning is crucial for safety, as used car owners are not always aware of recalls affecting their vehicles due to secondhand ownership or limited awareness of the automotive news.

Learn about past accidents regardless of existing damage records

You can now learn whether a vehicle has been in an accident even if the record doesn’t appear in accessible databases.

AI damage report
Source: carVertical

We’ve implemented an AI tool to identify visible damage from the Photos section of the vehicle history report and warn users about potentially lingering issues that may otherwise stay unknown.

If the AI checks the photos and spots the damage, the record will appear in the Damage section of the report.

carVertical damage report
Source: carVertical

What’s in the works for 2024 Q2?

We’re always trying to innovate, and make our reports more informative and easier to understand. Here’s a couple features users should expect later this year:

  • Model-specific maintenance schedules. We want to help our users look after their cars, so we’re improving our maintenance schedule feature by making it model-specific and based on manufacturer guidelines.
  • EV battery and range feature. With the popularity of electric vehicles growing, we want to provide more insights to EV buyers and drivers. We’re currently working on a feature that will offer valuable information about the vehicle’s battery health and driving range.

So stay tuned – there’s more to come!

Simonas Žižiūnas

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Simonas Žižiūnas

Simonas is the Product Owner at carVertical, responsible for implementing new features, and otherwise innovating and improving our vehicle history reports. When outside of work, he is a fan of basketball and skiing, the great outdoors, and all things automotive. When asked nicely, he can also play you a tune on the guitar.