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Use the digital Yamaha VIN Decoder for free basic motorcycle info, or generate a full motorcycle history report with mileage, damages and other recorded data.

Yamaha is a Japanese corporation started out in 1887 as a manufacturer of reed organs. Soon Yamaha started offering more musical instruments, also establishing the Yamaha Motor Company in 1955.

Today, Yamaha Motor Co. is a separate entity, producing motorcycles, scooters, boats, small tractors, and automobile engines. Yamaha bikes are beloved worldwide and known for their lower prices and simpler maintenance.

What is a Yamaha VIN number?

Every Yamaha motorcycle has a unique VIN number to identify any bike and track its history. VIN numbers are used in various situations, like history checks, insurance claims, and registration. Since the current VIN code format was standardized in 1981, every vehicle identification number contains 17 characters, each character representing specific data about a motorcycle.

Checking a VIN number is an essential part of buying a used motorcycle. Using the Yamaha VIN number, you may be able to access basic specifications and crucial historical data, like photos, info about mileage rollbacks, damages, and more.

What does the Yamaha VIN number contain?

Every character in a motorcycle VIN number has a meaning, but you can separate the whole number into 3 sections: World Manufacturer Identifier or WMI (digits 1-3), the Vehicle Description Section or VDS (digits 4-9), and the Vehicle Identifier Section or VIS (digits 10-17). Each section groups related data:

  1. WMI – country and manufacturer;
  2. VDS – vehicle specifications like engine size and type, body type, and vehicle class;
  3. VIS – identification of particular motorcycle (model year, plant, serial number).

The meaning of some characters may differ. For instance, Yamaha motorcycles that are built in Japan have vehicle identification numbers starting with "JY", while it’s "5Y" in the US or "ME" in India. Technically, you can decode the number manually, but the Yamaha VIN decoder can do everything for you.

Where to find the Yamaha VIN number?

Motorcycle VIN number location

Manufacturers place the VIN number on vehicle parts that are rarely (if ever) replaced. This way, they can ensure the original VIN plate remains on the vehicle. 

Usually, Yamaha places the VIN number on the vehicle’s frame or under the seat. The exact location also depends on the type of vehicle: behind the front wheel for ATVs or at the rear end for scooters. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to find your Yamaha VIN number in the owner’s manual.

Which Yamaha models work with our VIN decoder?

All Yamaha motorcycles that were built after the standardization of the VIN format in 1981 have 17-character vehicle identification numbers. This type of VIN works with our Yamaha VIN decoder, meaning you can check various Yamaha ATVs, snowmobiles, scooters, and motorcycles, including:

  • Adventure touring bikes – Super Tenere ES, Tenere 700.
  • Cross country bikes – YZ450FX, YZ250FX, YZ250X, YZ125X, WR450F, WR250F.
  • Dual sport bikes – XT250, TW200.
  • Hyper naked bikes – MT-10, MT-09, MT-07, MT-03.
  • Supersport bikes – YZF-R7, YZF-R1, YZF-R3.
  • Sport heritage bikes – Bolt, V Star 250, XSR900, XSR700, VMAX.
  • Sport touring bikes – FJR1300ES, Tracer 9 GT.
  • Trail bikes – TT-R230, TT-R125LE, TT-R110E, TT-R50E, PW50.

You can find each of these models on the current Yamaha lineup, but some have been on the market since the 1990s, so don’t hesitate to check the history of your own Yamaha, too.

Yamaha history check: what can you learn with the Yamaha VIN number?

In addition to confirming some basic information using our Yamaha VIN Decoder, a motorcycle VIN number allows you to identify a bike and learn valuable and detailed information about its history. We have access to data from manufacturers’ databases, dealerships, insurance companies, and other institutions to compile full history reports that include the records of:

  • Mileage
  • Damages
  • Titles
  • Thefts
  • Equipment

This information can reveal various devaluing facts about a vehicle, so you shouldn’t buy a used motorcycle without getting its history report first. Note that while our Yamaha VIN Decoder is free, it provides very limited information – historical motorcycle data (such as mileage, damages, etc.) costs money.

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