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RAM pickup trucks are crazy popular – in fact, this is the second most popular pickup brand in America after the Ford F-Series. Many people remember RAM trucks under the name "Dodge RAM". However, RAM separated from Dodge in 2010. Since then, "RAM Trucks" is a separate car manufacturer.

People praise RAM trucks for their strong towing capabilities, attractive design, and plush interior. In fact, automotive magazine Motor Trend titled models from the RAM series as the Truck of the Year eight times! While the first RAM models were entirely commercial and basic, the latest ones serve great as family carriers.

What is a RAM VIN?

Whether we’re talking about RAMs or any other car, they all have a unique vehicle identification number (VIN). It’s necessary when registering and insuring a vehicle, checking its history or looking for spare parts. In short, VIN numbers are to your car what your personal ID is to you. 

The VIN number is often involved when using car-related services, meaning data about every vehicle regularly enters various databases. That’s one of the reasons why automotive experts always recommend to perform a RAM VIN check before handing over the money for a used RAM vehicle.

What does a RAM VIN contain?

While older RAM trucks may have VINs in the older format, every modern RAM truck has a unique 17-character VIN number. Each character represents a feature, manufacturing data, or is a part of a serial number. For example:

  • The first three characters form the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) and reveal the country of manufacture, car brand, and division.
  • The next section of five symbols is called the Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS), which reveals the engine type, transmission, body style, etc.
  • The remaining characters include a check digit, and tell us the model year, assembly plant, and unique serial number.

When performing a VIN lookup, remember that there are no "O", "I", and "Q" letters in a RAM VIN number to avoid mistaking them for "0", "1", and "9".

Where to find the RAM VIN number?

RAM VIN number location on a car

Finding the RAM VIN number is simple. Manufacturers stamp them in multiple locations, so you can make sure the car has always been in one piece. Here’s where your RAM’s VIN should be located:

  • Driver’s side door jamb
  • At the bottom of the windshield
  • The firewall, from the engine bay’s side
  • The steering column
  • Registration and insurance documents

A VIN number can be stamped into the chassis, on a metal plate, or printed on a waterproof sticker. Always find all VINs and make sure they match to avoid legal issues. 

What RAM models work with our VIN decoder?

Our RAM VIN decoder works with all VINs that meet the requirements for the standard format. This standard was issued in 1981. Consequently, all modern vehicles have 17-character VIN codes. When it comes to RAM VIN decoding, all modern models are eligible for that, including:

RAM 1500, RAM 2500, RAM 3500, Promaster, Chassis Cab, and more. Always get a RAM vehicle history report when looking for a used model – that way, you’ll get many essential risks out of your way.

RAM history check: what can you learn with the RAM VIN number?

Besides the fact that a RAM VIN decoder reveals some basic information about the vehicle, there are also full history reports featuring much more essential data. Get a vehicle identification number, and you’ll be able to learn about the car’s history:

  • Past accidents – severely damaged vehicles can be dangerous to drive and prone to corrosion.
  • Mileage rollbacks – many used car sellers fake the car mileage for a bigger profit.
  • Historical photos – we collect photos from insurance companies, auctions, online ads, and other databases.
  • Thefts – stolen vehicles are the worst and most problematic ones in a used car market.
  • Bad titles – premature wear is very common in ex-police, taxis, and rental vehicles. 
  • Common issues, and more.

Usually, a car is the second most expensive purchase in people’s lives after a house. One wrong decision can lead to enormous repair bills, so always get the car inspected and check its history when buying a used RAM car.

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