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Lexus is a well-received luxury automobile brand, a division of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. Compared to some of its older rivals, Lexus was established only in 1989. But that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most desirable car brands in the world. How did that happen?

Many large companies kicked off with the production refined and expensive "land yachts" in the 1980s. There were iconic S-Class, 7-Series models, Acura and Infiniti were established as luxury divisions of Nissan and Honda. As a result, Toyota also decided to get its share by creating a brand new division called Lexus.

Its first car ever was the 1989 flagship sedan Lexus LS400. The engineers wanted to surpass the main rivals in aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, top speed, quietness, and more. They succeeded, and, on top of that, the car was way cheaper than the S-Class or 7-Series. Today, Lexus vehicles are among the most reliable in the world.

What is a Lexus VIN number?

Like any other car, each Lexus has a 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The standard for this format was issued in 1981, so our Lexus VIN decoder can handle all Lexus models since the company was established in 1989.

A vehicle identification number is necessary for many reasons, including transparent documentation and logging various events. It’s like a personal ID number for a car because every time someone wants to register a Lexus vehicle, change its title, sell it, or make a claim during an accident – a Lexus VIN number is necessary.

What does a Lexus VIN number contain?

The Lexus VIN code contains a combination of numbers and capital letters. Bear in mind that Lexus VIN numbers don’t have "O", "I", and "Q" letters to avoid confusing them with "0", "1", and "9".

To make the meaning of this number more simple, let’s separate it into three groups:

  • WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier) – reveals the manufacturer and manufacturing country. Lexus VINs start with JTJ, JTH, JT1, JT6, JT8, or 2T2.
  • VDS (Vehicle Descriptor Section) – describes the vehicle specifications, such as engine type, transmission type, color, body type, and more.
  • VIS (Vehicle Identifier Section) – reveals the model year, assembly plant, and serial number.

Our Lexus VIN decoder can decode all of this for you – doing so manually requires significantly more time.

Where to find the Lexus VIN number?

Lexus VIN number location on a car

VIN numbers are always located in multiple spots. This helps detect various types of fraud, previous accidents, and more. Locations of the VIN vary by brand. Here’s where your Lexus VIN should be located:

  • Driver’s door frame
  • Under the hood, front of the engine block
  • Firewall, from the engine side
  • Under the front seat (only in some models)
  • Registration documents

Always check as many different spots as possible. If the car has had a major accident, some parts may be welded from other vehicles, hurting the overall rigidity. There shouldn’t be misaligned characters or size variations between numbers and letters.

What Lexus models work with our VIN decoder?

As Lexus brand was established after issuing the global 17-character format for VIN numbers, every Lexus model should work with our Lexus VIN decoder, including sedans IS, ES, LS, coupes RC, LC, SC400, crossovers and SUVs UX, NX, RX, and many more.

All you need to do is just put the VIN code into our Lexus VIN decoder, and you’ll be able to learn valuable information about your vehicle. Always double-check each character to avoid entering the wrong number.

Lexus history check: what can you learn with the Lexus VIN number?

Performing a VIN lookup is an increasingly popular practice when buying a used vehicle. Even though Lexus cars are often praised for reliability, such characteristics don’t protect them from poor maintenance, accidents, or various legal issues.

When someone registers, sells, crashes, steals, or even officially inspects your Lexus vehicle, its VIN number receives another entry with details about the event. Here’s what you can learn about a Lexus car from a vehicle history report:

  • Historical photos – data from insurance companies, ads, auctions.
  • Mileage rollbacks – see if someone tampered with the odometer through the years.
  • Title changes – you can find out how many owners the car has had.
  • Thefts – our platform scans many European police databases to check whether the car has been stolen.
  • Accidents – find out how many accidents the car had and how severe were they.
  • Maintenance records – find out about previous maintenance work.
  • Common vehicle’s model issues, and more.

Lexus offers some of the most capable luxury automobiles globally, but it comes at a price. Like cars, spare Lexus parts and maintenance works are also expensive. So, if a Lexus vehicle hasn’t been maintained well or has had accidents in the past, you may find yourself spending more time in repair shops than behind the wheel. Make sure to use our Lexus VIN decoder and get a history report to learn about essential details on time.

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