Benefits to Online Business

“More transparency. More flexibility. More success.”

Hasznaltauto, Schibsted Group

Used and new car finder


The user is able to unlock the history of any vehicle for a fee.

Mileage fraud or car damage concealment are minimised or eliminated.

Let’s enjoy the transparency at its best.

Additional revenue stream

Every click counts.

We use advance techniques to track integration performance.

Because the strongest partnership is when both sides prosper.

As fast as 2-day integration

Your convenience is our mutual success.

Every partner gains free access to the vast high-quality promo material, which easily integrates with your system.

Most processes are automated so that collaboration sometimes begins even in 2 days.

Up to 35% conversion rate

If you run an automotive site, your visitors are the perfect audience for carVertical reports.

Naturally, high-quality user traffic generates a high conversion rate.

Moreover, we work every day to improve our product and marketing tools further.

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