Business Case

“The best business decision”

Justas Grendelis

Autojuta, the authorised dealer of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat.

9% higher margins

The more transparent history the car has, the higher price a client is willing to pay.

A more accurate car valuation prevents from unexpected losses.

The more information you have, the wiser decisions you make.

0 lemons

Trade-in is a nightmare, when you don’t have a reliable partner.

With carVertical reports we were able eliminate incoming lemons.

I am confident about the quality of my stock more then ever.

20% faster sales

Stock turnover is crucial when balancing cash flows. Every day counts.

Sell faster.

Be as transparent to your customer as possible with carVertical reports.

Up to 67% lower report price

carVertical offers significant discounts to the partners who purchase reports in bulk.

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Enjoy the carVertical flexibility: this team always helps you to find a solution.

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