Why carVertical is better than HistoriaPojazdu?

carVertical reports contain comprehensive data about international car history, including accidents, mileage, and other essential facts. Meanwhile, HistoriaPojazdu focuses mainly on the cars registered in Poland and has limited data on car accidents or odometer rollbacks.

Having the Worldwide Data Covered

  • 50,000,000+ Cars involved in traffic accidents
  • 200,000,000+ Odometer frauds registered
  • 104,000,000+ Daily cost of recorded damages

Why should you prefer carVertical to HistoriaPojazdu?
Let’s compare.

Knowing VIN is enough to get a report
Immediate receipt of report
International data sources
Checks official and private databases of stolen vehicles in Europe & North America
International accidents
Detailed damage report
One report for all cases
Customer service and live support
Easy-to-understand information
Data directly from vehicles (connected reports)
Cutting-edge blockchain technology
Upcoming maintenance – expected costs
VIN finding guide – be safer
Model faults – make an informed decision
Detailed specs & equipment

Data was obtained from the analysis of both sites on January 23-28, 2020. A detailed analysis was performed by checking VINs: WVWZZZ62*********, WDD11730********* and WBAUE102*********.

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You can rely on carVertical. Receive the latest and most detailed information available to us about any car you are interested in.

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Why is carVertical report more useful than HistoriaPojazdu’s?

Even if the seller has provided you with detailed car information, it is always worth checking vehicle history on independent platforms like carVertical. Compare the data from the seller and our registry. Perhaps it will help you decide whether or not to buy a particular car, or you might gain new arguments in the negotiations.

By purchasing a detailed carVertical report, you will find out the genuine mileage of the car, so you'll be able to check if the owner or seller hasn't clocked it. Also, you'll learn whether the vehicle has been in the accident.

carVertical gathers as much information as possible about vehicle history from different global sources, including national and private registries, police, insurance, leasing databases, car auctions, car dealers, paid APIs, etc.

HistoriaPojazdu was founded by the Polish government. So, it handles data only from a few governmental databases and provides information only on cars registered in Polish. However, HistoriaPojazdu presents some foreign data which is obtained from the official databases in the USA, Canada, and some European countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Norway.

Another limitation – HistoriaPojazdu odometer data has been gathered only since mid-2014, so you won't spot mileage fraud if the car has been clocked earlier. Meanwhile, carVertical often provides odometer readings since the first kilometers of the vehicle, even if they were recorded before 15 years or even earlier.

All in all, carVertical not only provides much more information, but it is also more detailed, especially about the vehicles that come outside Poland. For example, we won't only give you a single fact about the accident. In most cases, our reports provide such details as damage cost, which car parts were damaged, possible damage type, date and place of the accident, etc.

We will inspect the car via the official and private databases of stolen vehicles in Europe&North America, provide information about the most popular faults of the model, upcoming maintenance details, and other useful information.

With carVertical, you only need VIN to get all the available data. But in order to access HistoriaPojazdu data, as limited as it is, users must enter VIN, vehicle registration number, and date of first registration. If you don't have any of these, you cannot use the service.

In most cases, the carVertical car history report costs under 0.2 percent of the price of the car that is being tested. However, this investment can protect not only your wallet or nerves, but also the lives of your loved ones and your self. Is it worth the risk? It's for you to decide.

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You can rely on carVertical. Receive the latest and most detailed information available to us about any car you are interested in.