Why carVertical is better than autoDNA?

carVertical reports are more detailed, more modern and less pricey.

Having the Worldwide Data Covered

  • 50,000,000+ Cars involved in traffic accidents
  • 200,000,000+ Odometer frauds registered
  • 104,000,000+ Daily cost of recorded damages

Why should you prefer carVertical to autoDNA?
Let’s compare.

Free initial inspection
Immediate receipt of report
Database of stolen vehicles
Customer service / Support
Price of report (with pictures and information about accidents)8.99+ €19.90 €
One report for all cases
Easy-to-understand information
Reports directly from vehicles (connected reports)
Cutting-edge blockchain technology
Next service – expected costs
VIN finding guide – be safer
Flaws of the model – make an informed decision

Data obtained by checking VIN WBAKC8C55ACY68790 on February 6th, 2019 (without selecting additional reports offered on autoDNA website).

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You can rely on carVertical. Receive the latest and most detailed information available to us about any car you are interested in.

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What makes carVertical reports better than those of autoDNA?

Even if the seller provided you with detailed information about your vehicle, it is always a good idea to check with independent sources, such as carVertical. Compare data from the seller and our registers. Chances are this will help you decide whether to buy the specific vehicle or not. Maybe, you will find new arguments for negotiations.

carVertical offers free initial VIN check. As part of this check, you will see the make and model of the vehicle being checked and a list of data available to us, which can be purchased as a detailed report.Our competitors also offer free initial reports. However, when selling their reports, autoDNA breaks down the data into several individual reports by countries from which the vehicle is imported and other criteria. Meanwhile, carVertical presents all information available to it in a single report.

Once you purchase a detailed report from carVertical, you will receive the actual unaltered mileage, information whether the vehicle sustained any damage from previous accidents and other documented records. We will check the vehicle with our databases of stolen vehicles, provide information about drawbacks of the model, technical servicing details and much more useful information.Usually we provide more data than, for example, autoDNA – carVertical reports offer information about potential car servicing costs, drawbacks of the relevant model, etc.

In most cases, the carVertical vehicle history report costs under 0.2 % of the price of the checked car. However, this investment can protect not only your wallet or nerves, but also the lives of your loved ones and yourself. Is it worth a risk? It’s for you to decide.

Check VIN now!

You can rely on carVertical. Receive the latest and most detailed information available to us about any car you are interested in.