Why to buy an SUV: 5 benefits that makes even more sense

by Aivaras Grigelevičius
September 2, 2020
by Aivaras Grigelevičius
September 2, 2020

SUVs and crossovers are amongst the most popular choices for family car buyers. But why do people tend to buy an SUV instead of sedans or other types of cars?

Usually the practicality and versatility of an SUV marks all the checkboxes when it comes to a question of sedan or an SUV. But yet there are more benefits that may make SUVs even easier to live with.

Here are 5 reasons why to buy an SUV.

1. Better all-round visibility

Better all round visibility

These good old times when manufacturers made big cars with large windows and tiny pillars are long forgotten. But yet, SUVs and crossovers usually offer higher driving position and this improves all-round visibility. There is a clear winner in the battle of visibility between SUVs or sedan cars.

2. No more blinding lights

jeep avoiding bright lights on the highway

Higher seating position offers one extra benefit. With a greater visibility come lesser distractions from other cars lights. Usually lower cars’ drivers suffer from blinding xenon, LED or laser light beams. However, sitting behind the wheel of an SUV means you will no longer have to shut your eyes or stare at these blinding lights.

3. No more dents and scratches

high stance niva avoids dents

SUV buyers usually are aware that higher car stance means easier approach to curbs or other obstacles. Sedan, hatchback or estate cars usually have dents and scratches on the lower part of the body. Even with longer front and rear overhangs an SUV driver will not have to worry about scratching or denting the underbody of a car.

4. Easier access to cabin

jeep is easy to access

Some cars are great to live with, however sometimes getting in or out can make things different. SUVs or crossovers usually offer easier access to cabins than sedans or other types of cars. Wider door aperture as well as easier step out of the car means SUVs can be more attractive to older people.

5. Wider selection than anytime before

SUVs are the most trending type of cars at the moment and this means manufacturers will continue to fill all the niches. Coupe SUV, convertible SUV, luxurious or even tiniest SUV – there definitely is an SUV even for the pickiest person on earth.

Usual benefits of SUVs and crossovers

  • SUVs tend to be more spacious inside than sedans, especially in terms of headroom
  • Boxy SUV proportions means more luggage space. Usually SUVs are on par with estates.
  • Usually SUVs are equipped with 4×4 drivetrain which deals with traction issues better than most sedans
  • Higher clearance and heavier weight usually stands for safer car
  • Greater towing capacity than smaller and lighter cars

Check used SUVs history

Even after you decided to go for an SUV instead of sedan or similar kind of car, getting the best deal may be trickier than it seems. Check your car’s history at carVertical. Each carvertical report consists of spotted car’s activity, mileage and damage history as well as pictures.

With a vast variety of different cars make sure you select the best SUV that fits your needs. Inspect the car, test drive it and check the VIN for history. Carvertical helps to decide – whether to buy the SUV immediately, negotiate and shake hands or turn away and look for another deal.