Sensible Post: 5 Ways to Drive Safely in Winter

by Evaldas Zabitis
December 28, 2019
by Evaldas Zabitis
December 28, 2019

Because we don’t want you to die or anyone else to die in a road accident, we’ve put together these five tips to ensure that you’re driving safely home in winter. 

1. Buy some anti-freeze.

It’s not expensive to buy and will protect your engine in temperatures down to -34c. Mix it 50/50 with your car’s water supply to keep things running smoothly in the cold. Don’t forget that the cold can crack your engine and put a big dent in your wallet, so anti-freeze is an investment worth making. 

2. Keep it clean.

No, not THAT! But keep your screen and windows free from snow, dirt, and condensation inside and out to ensure that you are fully able to see around you. You might not drive like an idiot, but others do. By keeping your windows free of filth, you’ll increase your chances of keeping safe on the road not just in winter, but all-year-round. 

3. Rubber up.

Jokes aside, ensure that your tyres are fully filled with enough air to keep them at the right pressures. This will improve your grip levels. Also, only use snow chains if there is enough snow on the road because it can ruin the road’s surface. Alternatively, deck your car out with all-season tyres, which can be used throughout the year. Even better, you won’t need to change them. 

4. Take it slow.

It’s not cool to break speed limits (excessively, at least!), and even less cool to break them in winter. Set off earlier than normal to anticipate accidents, and also use that extra time to de-ice your car’s screen. If it isn’t icy, just use it that extra five minutes to warm up! 

5. Get high.

If you can use the highest gear possible, the better! If you can set off in second or even third gear, do it. Your engine will rev higher, and that will translate into better grip and more control for you over your engine.