carVertical Vehicle History Report 2.0 Launched: What Are the Key User Benefits?

by carVertical
March 3, 2020
by carVertical
March 3, 2020

The New Year occurred a few months ago, but the new era for carVertical started just recently. We finally finished a tremendous job and launched the car history report version 2.0.

We’ve made fundamental reconstructions, including both sophisticated IT “interior” and more visible UI/UX “exterior”. However, what does it mean personally for you, our consumer? How do you benefit from that? To put it simply, you’ll get even more car history data and more knowledge that will bring more assurance and confidence. But let’s delve deeper into the details.

If you haven’t yet, obtain a carVertical vehicle history report now. You’ll notice upgrades from the first sight. After months of user experience analysis, long inner discussions, and sparkling brainstorms, we redesigned the entire structure of the report.  

First of all, you’ll spot a summary of the essential facts. In no time you’ll learn if the vehicle’s mileage has been tampered, if it has been damaged or stolen. Also, the new report provides information on the status and usage of vehicle, e.g., taxi, handicap, lien, etc.

When scrolling down, the content is organized in a way that maintains narrative consistency in telling the car’s life story.

Step by step, the reader learns when and where the vehicle was manufactured, registered, inspected, damaged, changed owners, and other essential facts.

It’s both interesting and useful to know about the car’s usage and ownership restrictions. So you’ll notice caution signs if carVertical finds out it was used as a rental car, public transport, taxi, had restriction of property rights, etc.

The next report sections bring higher drama. One tells whether the car was found in stolen vehicle databases and what you should do about it.

The following one shows mileage records: odometer readings stored on multiple dates. This is the most convenient way to spot if the vehicle has been clocked. Also, carVertical will tell you an average mileage of identical cars and calculate what the estimated mileage of checked car could be if its odometer hadn’t been rollbacked. 

The Maintenance section is what your wallet is especially interested in. The report tells what should be done during upcoming technical maintenance, so you become aware of your future spendings for this vehicle. Also, given data helps you to understand if former owners took good care of the car. You only need to compare given previous service intervals to the actual records in the service book. 

Damage is probably the most popular section among our consumers. Dates, countries, estimated report costs, possible damage type, damage-related changes of ownership documents – we give you everything we know so that you can feel more confident about this car’s past and “health”.

Another improvement – we’ve included a separate section for the vehicle valuation. We provide the market value, the triggering price, and previous prices if the vehicle has been listed for sale before. You might as well find out the average number of days it might take to sell such a model.

Specs & Equipment covers everything from the basics (engine details, body, fuel and transmission type, etc.) to the comprehensive list of manufacturer’s equipment.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the Photos section is very beneficial both rationally and emotionally. Here you may realize what was the real damage of the car or even spot how its color or even whole appearance has changed over the years.

Finally, at the end of every report, we provide a detailed checklist to go through when you are examining the vehicle in reality. From VIN locations on car’s body to specific models faults – this is our shoulder to lean on for you when negotiating with the seller. 

As a blockchain company, we’re storing reports hashes on the chain to prevent tampering. From now on, every report includes a direct link for checking its authenticity. You’re able to find them here. Buy save, drive safe with carVertical report 2.0.