A double flight: carVertical is announcing two airdrops

by carVertical
October 29, 2018
by carVertical
October 29, 2018


As we were listed on BitMart exchange last week, we’ve focused on gaining even more visibility in crypto world. In order to attract new token holders and expand the carVertical brand awareness, we have decided to announce two different airdrop mechanics at once.

What is it?

Airdrop is when the token is distributed to a large number of people for free in order to attract attention and new followers, which usually results in a larger user base and a wider disbursement of coins.

1st Airdrop: Current cV token holders

This airdrop campaign begins on 2018.10.29 (October 29th). On the last day of the campaign the top 1000 token holders will be identified. They will receive a total sum of 50,000,000 (currently worth 41,400 USD) cV tokens proportionally to the amount of tokens they hold within the top 1000 token holders range. This range excludes wallets which belong to exchanges team, advisors and anyone that has been paid by carVertical in cV tokens (lawyers, marketing agencies, advisors etc.).

To give an example, if the top 1000 token holders all together hold 100 million cV tokens and one person controls 10 million tokens, that person will receive 10% of the airdrop pool (because 10 million is 10% of 100 million). In this case, it’s an equivalent to 5 million cV tokens.

As mentioned above, this airdrop campaign starts on 2018.10.29 and ends on 2018.12.26 (December 26th), on the same day we have started our ICO a year ago. During the period you’re welcome to put all the effort in getting among top 1000 cV token holders to get your share of the airdrop pool.


  • During the period of the airdrop the wallet holder is only allowed to DEPOSIT more tokens into the wallet. Anyone withdrawing tokens from the wallet will be DISQUALIFIED.
  • We don’t recommend you to hold the tokens on exchanges, as most of the time we can’t determine how many tokens belong to your wallet, since they pool your tokens. You can also find if your wallet belongs to TOP 1000 here.

2nd Airdrop: BitMart traders

We believe that BitMart, an exchange with a large volume,  enables us to attract new token holders massively and create higher volume in a long term. We’ve determined to make BitMart trading pair volume higher than KuCoin’s, hence we decided to cooperate with this exchange and find touching points for our marketing strategy.

As an outcome, we’re organising an Airdrop to BitMart traders. This week, the top 7,777 BitMart traders (trading any currency on BitMart exchange) will be sent 1555 cV tokens, thus attracting significantly more eyes on our project’s potential.

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